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Most people who apply for car loans tend to approach lenders directly in order to discuss terms, receive estimates, and submit an application. While many use the internet to research potential lenders, most borrowers still prefer to go the traditional, face to face route when it comes to actually arranging for a car loan. However, many lenders, including reputable institutions such as Wells Fargo and Wachovia, now offer customers the option of going through the entire loan application process online. Indeed, there are numerous benefits to getting internet car loans which traditional loan processes cannot offer. Save on Time and Energy: Perhaps the most attractive feature of internet car loans is that they take a lot less time and energy to apply for than traditional car loans. Most lenders who offer internet car loans give borrowers estimates far quicker than traditional lenders do. In addition, processing times are a lot faster as well, with decisions on a loan application taking anywhere from just a few minutes to no more than a few days. Rather than wasting time going from one bank to the next, and expending energy on long phone consultations and face to face meetings with bankers, borrowers can just go online and secure competitive internet car loans with the click of a few buttons. Lower Interest Rates: Internet car loans are gaining in popularity because they typically offer far lower interest rates than those offered in traditional car loans. However, some banks will offer lower rates than others, while other lenders offer the same rates online as they do offline – it is worth making a thorough search of all the options available to you before you sign a contract with any one lender. Reputable Lenders: In the past, internet car loans have had a somewhat negative reputation among consumers due to the fact that they were primarily offered by non-legitimate sources or high interest online loan agencies. However, over the last several years, the internet car loan scene has changed significantly, with many major financial institutions now offering online car loans in order to tap into the growing virtual market. Today, internet car loans are available from some of the most reputable banks in the country, such as Chase Manhattan and Capital One. Ease of Comparison: The key to finding the best car loan for your needs is to shop around as much as possible. The burgeoning world of internet car loans makes it far easier to make rate comparisons, with many loan sites offering near instant estimates and decisions, facilitating quick comparisons across lenders. Some sites also allow consumers to directly compare loan rates and estimates across various lenders simultaneously, helping them to make more informed decisions about the lenders and loan types available to them. Internet car loans are really no different from traditional car loans in the sense that they are essentially pre- approved loan instruments. A borrower is under no legal obligation to make use of a loan they are pre- approved for – if the car dealership or another lender offers a borrower better terms, it is perfectly acceptable for the borrower to accept that offer instead. However, unlike most traditional car loans, internet car loans offer the borrower numerous advantages, including rapid processing times and highly competitive rates.
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